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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sunday Scribblings Fearless

Sunday Scribblings Fearless is the prompt.



her dirt bike kicks up a cloud
powders the ancient cedars
and masks the scent of berries
sunlight mottles the trail

one fat shadow budges
rising to hind legs like a man
snarly grunts and nose a-quiver
stages a standoff on the path

two wheels without reverse
and short of turnaround plot
brake pedal hisses a squeal
pitches it out like an overthrow

the brown bear drops to fours
and waddles into heavy brush
she breathes the sweat of fear
shifts to three, throttles away


Devil Mood said...

My God, a bear...even I felt frightened from a distance!

Geraldine said...

This is a very powerful piece. I could sense the danger and the fear. Very evocative. Well done.


L said...

very nice. fearless indeed.

Granny Smith said...

This is great! An outstanding take on the prompt.

Isn't it strange how we have made bears into the cuddly Teddy Bear when real bears are so frightening in the wild? I was out gathering huckleberries once when there was a rustling near me. Bears also love huckleberries, and I was sure one was nearby. My heart was racing, then a covey of quail emerged, still rustling. My heart slowed, but I definitely was not fearless on that occasion.

GreenishLady said...

I found myself breathless reading that! Very atmospheric poem!

anthonynorth said...

Not a situation I'd like to be in. But it was a delight to read.

Anonymous said...

This induces fear! Love it!

shapely ghosts

Anonymous said...

Wow - scarey! You painted quite a picture there.

Noah the Great said...


Tammy Brierly said...

You captured the image and relief beautifully!

Mary J. said...

great! i love the subtlety of the bear's presence.

Anonymous said...

This was so well-written your talents shined through! what a moment of encapsulated fear! One of the strongest post I have read yet!

Lifeless in Ohio said...

My best friends live in the middle of the woods in Brown County, Indiana. I love to visit them but it always scares me being so far back in the woods, I keep saying there are bears out there. Of course they assure me my fears are groundless, but one never knows. Great writing!

Anonymous said...

I messed up... trying this again. You captured this so well...I was face to face with a bear your accurate description describes my "speechless experience too." shifts to three, throttles away... So glad he did.

nonizamboni said...

I'm of the age when there were still black bears who came up to one's car in Yellowstone Park but I don't remember it happening to us. Your post brought back memories of camping in Idaho and hearing those big guys. This was a wonderful post and I too, especially liked the 'shifts to three, throttles away.
Nice work. Thanks.

rel said...

Whew, hold on a minute while I cool down and catch my breath and let my heart stop acting like a trip hammer.

Ok now....that was very stimulating. ;)

Linda Jacobs said...

You sustained the danger so well! And I love the idea of a girl on a dirt bike!

anno said...

Brave girl, going on instinct into full throttle! I still remember wearing bells around my ankles during winter hikes in Yellowstone. To keep the bears away. And I was scared, or at least very, very wary, every moment. Lovely poem -- perfectly evokes danger... and bravery.

Sherry said...

Powerful words, the adrenaline rush of "fight or flight"!!

Anonymous said...

What a moment that was !!

What a great concept for "Fearless" !

Anonymous said...

Picture me, city girl recently moved to rural surroundings, on my bike off to school, when suddenly a cow blocked my way, scared as I was, I turned right around
I know pathetic, but your wonderful poem made me remember

This poem is a true delight in fright, from the title to the end, I like the image of "the brown bear drops to fours and waddles into heavy brush"

Very good Sue!

Lucy said...

this is the first post to actually make me FEEL fear!
great goin' Miss Sue!

paisley said...

that would definitely do it for me!!!!!