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Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday 5

Michelle at Poefusion Friday 5 offers: Friday 5 is a collection of five words which can be found each week on this page and inside this post. If you choose to write a poem or story with these words please leave your comment below. This week: splinter, distractions, molder, votive, and punctuate


wide-eyed, she
clutches a single taper

feeding votive flickers
that punctuate early dusk

splinter gray shadows
and offer faint distractions

from the disaster site
marked by mire and molder

she sighs
the candle loses fire


paisley said...

the worship of death and destruction has become so ingrained in our culture... i have ceased to wonder why i have such a hard time celebrating life.....

excellent piece sue....

Anonymous said...

This goes on a journey from hope to despair. You can create so much with just a few words.

rel said...

We've (those of us who've reached a certain age) seen both the bad and the good in mankind. Yet for some reason we fail ouselves by not finding the path to harmony.

How can we change things?
How can I change things?

I'm taking suggestions. ;)

Anonymous said...

vivid and sad

poefusion said...

Why do we always insist on destroying the beauty of life around us? And, where will we end up? Nice work, as always. Have a nice night.

Unknown said...

So humanlike.

Anonymous said...

Susan, I did not expect that last stanza. It, for me, made the poem into more. One of my favorites of yours.

LA Nickers said...

Amazing how you have tied the prompt together! Well done!


FRIENDLY FIRE, at Nickers and Ink

anthonynorth said...

A journey of the emotions, there. And done with so few, but excellent, words.

Anonymous said...

...candle light would bring comfort to a fire outta control... all the more so interesting as rarely do you write of people...