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Friday, August 29, 2008

Verbal Night

Friday 5's prompt words: ashen, ascend, faulty, designate and stomp. Michelle of Poefusion never fails to find words which create forehead wrinkles and cell-aches. This is one of the few times I wasn't required to dig out the gigantic dictionary to seek for meaning...but maybe I should have. :) Thanks, Michelle!


verbal night

down the ashen streets
before shadowed dreams ascend

the faulty stomp in cadence,
designate fits of passion

to the dumpster of the dark,
render powerless those wings

of escape ~ condemn one more day
to the wintery gray of evermore


Digital Photo processed by Sue.

For an exquisite site of photos and small videos, feel free to check out Q's Corner. Her work is uplifting and glorious!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fibonacci and Watercolor

Bone, the moderator of Three Word Wednesday says: Each week, I post some words. People write things using the words. Then they comment here. The prompt words today:

Totally Optional Prompts said: On Aug 23, 1617, the 1st one-way streets were established, and it happened in London. This week's challenge is to create 'one-way' poems.

of faith,
shadow like,
traveled shoulder high
a desperate one way journey

Sun over Cyprus, original watercolor by Sue.

Monday, August 25, 2008


One Single Impression posts: Thanks to Christine of Quiet Paths for this week's prompt, resolve, and her poems and photo.

I'd like to add: You'll be glad you checked out Christine's site. Her photos are amazing ~ her music is incredibly fine.

Please visit One Single Impression and write along!

not like M&M's

sways with breeze
rainbow flash

thoughtful judge

calls for increasing

Friday, August 22, 2008

dead beat for Friday 5

Poefusion Friday 5. Michelle offers these words for Friday's prompt:


dead beat

sour and disagreeable
and absent the night's dark

he smudges
essential lavender oil

like holy water, folds
his arms in a vampire's x

succumbs to the catnap itch
knowing full well

he'll hate himself later

Fractal created in Fractal Explorer by Sue.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Flight of Forgiveness

The Totally Optional Prompt is 'Edgar Allen Poe'
Edgar Allen Poe once said, 'Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who dream only at night.' The challenge this week is to see what Poe can inspire.

* * *

Flight of Forgiveness

....Inspired by a picture of discarded lips on a tree lined path.

Lacy cedars.
And quaking aspen.
Stand. Silent.

Crows in free fall
bleed from tree crowns
like tears of obsidian.
Unstemmed. Unstrung.

Cough threat and ridicule.
Feather the ground.
Obscure her tongue.
Pluck old sin from fresh lips.

Mocking absolution.

* * *

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

August Fibonacci for 3WW

Bone, the moderator of Three Word Wednesday says:

Each week, I post some words. People write things using the words. Then they comment here. The prompt words for this 100th prompt are: Bored ~ Habit ~ Settle

Feel free to join in this energetic meme!

August Fibonacci

the habit
for which she'd settle
while she dreamed of re-booting

Fractal created by Sue

Monday, August 18, 2008


One Single Impression Posts Prompt 25...

Thanks to Geraldine at My Poetic Path for this week's prompt, homecoming, and for the image and short story excerpt. (The image and short story can be found by following Geraldine's link or the One Single Impression link.)


far across the lake
on a rocky sundrenched hill
...the old camping spot

Pen and Ink sketch by Sue.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

TOP German Shepherds

Totally Optional Prompt posts: It hasn't been a 'three dog night' around here for a long time, like since the last ice age, none the less the prompt this week is 'Three Dogs'. The challenge is to write three short poems about dogs, or the animal of your choice. They can be about three dogs, or three aspects of one dog, or the animal of your choice.

I don't have animals so these briefs are about peripherals. :) Wasn't easy for me!

German Shepherds

saber rattles
at interlopers
shares nap time
with cuddly toys

growls large at cat
sees soaring hawk shadow
ducks under deck

collared leash restraint
no diving into pristine
inground people's pool

This photo was created on the Office Max elf website which runs around Christmas time.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

3WW - Haiku and Bookmark

Bone, the moderator of Three Word Wednesday says: Each week, I post some words. People write things using the words. Then they comment here. The words this week: Intimate, River, Waiting

Feel free to join in this energetic meme!


dog days

intimate as night
river idles in its bed
cataract waiting


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Short Supply

Heads Or Tails!
This week, it's HEADS. SUPPLY.

Chastise me if you wish but I have an up-to-the-eyeballs supply of stupid news ~ surreal lifestyles of the rich and aimless, and liasions between hes and shes or hes and hes.

What I'd like to see, until my eyes quit bleeding, is a surfeit of intelligence ~ a leader who can think and talk, a return to the time when heroes were real people who worked and raised families, when baseball was a sport instead of a business, when crime was met with justice and charity began at home.

The first four-fifths of the first decade of this new millennium has been chockablock with one fustercluck after another plus a display of inanity which hasn't been seen since the collapse of Rome, the Other Empire.

The only short supply is humor and I'll have to admit that the recent video of the P. Hilton woman made me laugh out loud. I might just vote for her and a pink house.

Fractal created in Fractal Explorer, by Sue.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Nanotube to Space

One Single Impression posts: Thanks to Deb Godin of Cloud Messenger for providing the image and poem to accompany Christine's Quiet Paths prompt, stairways.

Magic of Science

carbon nanotubes
spiral stairway to the moon
step following step

an evening stroll
in the midst of nebulae
wildflowers of space

Fractal created in Apophysis.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Poefusion Friday Poem

Poefusion Friday 5 challenges us with the following words:



As if We Cared

thoughtless celeb
clad in exiguous clothing
is scarcely gifted

confirmed imperfect
even with a waterfall
of burnished hair

carps to newscaster
about clicking cameras
as if we cared


Fractal created in Apophysis by Sue.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Lost - TOP Poem

Totally Optional Prompts posts: The challenge this week is to write about lost stuff, lost identity.

glass slivers on the patio
shimmered in the crystal night
he came while I was gone and
the moon looked the other way

inside sprawled the hope chest
opened by an egg beater
silverware spilled among papers
photographs and thumb spun books

jewelry - cosmetics - perfume
and, my coin collection
disguised in an old boot box,
never again touched my hands

one day I stood red-faced
to identify silky underthings
in front of three detectives
who caught and lost the thief

safety changed its definition
warning clicks in the night
security shivers in the shadows
he'll make another pass

Processed fractal.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

HOT - Manner

Heads Or Tails! The theme for HoT, Tuesday, August 5 is: HEADS - Manner

The frenetic manner of hummingbirds increases my pulse. I watch them attack each other and often wonder what keeps one from beaking my ear? Or, even worse, tangling in my hair like a rabid bat? They have a tendency to whirl right toward my face and look me in the eye before they twirl back to the red plastic flower.

A brave blogger lady posted a photo of a small red container of sugar/water nectar perched on her palm and each of her fingers was decorated with a sipping bird.

Amazing. How long did it take her to quit screaming?

Tiny hummingbirds make a large thunk when they lambast each other in order to keep the whole pot of sugar/water to themselves.

I saw one the other day who had lost her entire fan of tail feathers. Does she need them as rudders or does she only use them as a threat against potential second-class thieves. Will they grow back?

Why are hummingbirds so greedy. Did they learn that from humans?

Processed digital photo by Sue

Sunday, August 03, 2008

OSI Folly Haiku

One Single Impression offers:

Thanks to Edward S. Gault of Forest River Journal for this week's prompt of folly.

I always thought of folly as a silliness or a temporary departure from rational thought but Wikipedia defines it in a slightly different fashion and one which I found rather fun.

not what it appears
full folly


odd building
designed to deceive


castle in wet sand
folly plan


Treehouse of the August Moon, Original Watercolor by Sue

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Do I have to?

Sunday Scribblings offers this prompt. Make of it what you will: "Do I have to?"

Four. words. They. turn. me. into. a. whiner.

Only recently has guilt turned into a goad that makes watching a bad movie turn into a six-hour ordeal. No longer can I get it over with in ninety minutes. Nosirreee, I have to pause every few minutes to move into 'save my arse' mode.

A six-week hospitalization for pneumonia morphed into coming home with a snake oil salesman's bag of pills and illegible prescriptions, a list of instructions longer than a chimpanzee arm and commands that whisper warnings in my head, 'Don't sit down - it's treadmill time. Don't sit down - it's yoga time. Don't sit down...'

Mind you, I've never been much of a sitter but only recently has this voice emerged to guilt me into moving constantly.

As much as I dislike medications, I'll have to admit that the newest discovery of a pill to replace exercise rose almost as high on my bucket list as the 'if you don't feel like cooking, take the green pill'.

Hurry, researchers. I'm counting on you to convert this pushy voice into the soothing sound of, 'Of course, you don't have to. Sit down and read.'