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Friday, September 13, 2013

With Sadness...

Hello, this is Sue's granddaughter Breanna. It is with much sadness that I write the final post for her blog. Sue passed away on June 6, at home and surrounded by family. She was a fighter who left this world on her own terms.

In her final hours she asked me to let her readers/fans/friends/followers know that "it was fun!!".

She spoke often of her blogging community and the friendships that were formed here over the years. I hope you all know how much you meant to her.


Monday, May 13, 2013

Wordling for Sunday Whirl #108

Thanks, Brenda, for the Wordle prompt!

far above the mouth,
binding space to cave,
the sun chants a crooked vow
drones a darkened mantra
~ permits a broken promise
to bind to everyman's fist 
circling to its making

♥     ♥     ♥

Green for Woven Dreams #14

Thanks, Geraldine, for today's prompt!

green thoughts

sudden surge
new sprouts get short shrift
weeds win out

♥     ♥     ♥

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Wordling for Sunday Whirl #107

Thanks, Brenda, for the Wordle!

too thunderous to count
messages spit across
the soupy sky
a thousand red charms
pulse from front to back
and round about again
like the sheen of time
dresses each crazed dish
the mystic signs for calm
but all eyes are on the
thunderous messages
spit across the soupy sky

♥     ♥     ♥