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Monday, November 30, 2009

Haiku for One Single Impression

One Single Impression: Prompt 92: Migration    

Gabrielle of Wild Goose Scoops Moon brings us this week's prompt.

bumper to bumper
going west is reproduced
eastbound nose to tail

Fractal image was created in Apophysis, resized and buttoned in Irfanview.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Games for Sunday Scribbling

Sunday Scribblings prompts with  the topic of games.

I've never met a board or card game I didn't like but game-playing people go against my grain. You know the type. The type that rattled Lucy. Where do they come from? Those with the self-determined solutions for un-asked questions? 

My current favorite games are Quiddler, Domino Trains, Scrabble and, if I can win one time, I might like a bit of chess even though it's almost too slow for me. I'm in a hurry. And not much good at strategizing.

Truly, I'm there for the giggles. Last summer I was teaching a little kid to play SlapJack and found a lot more laughs and slaps with a double deck of pinochle cards instead of the standard deck.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

S for ABC Wednesday

ABC WEDNESDAY ROUND 5: S is for.....

Upside or Down

a small slip of ivy
the heart of ess
curls round my thumb
fashions a smile
a sense of spring
symbolic and green

the original sin
shaped by an asp
morphs to blood stains
on spreadsheets and
scripts the bottom line
of snakes in the grass

sweet and sensual
curves to a spiral
the siren call
of the seasonal ess
a small slip of ivy

This edited re-post is a favorite of mine and I hope you'll enjoy it as well.
The digital image is a copper wire twisted to an S and photographed on top of a CD reflecting a window's light. Resized in Irfranview, framed in MS Digital Image Suite.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Haiku for One Single Impression

One Single Impression: Prompt 91: Creative

last seen
trekking outbound

pigments pause
wily words whistle
my muse naps


The image was created with a few 'brushstrokes' on a Bamboo Fun Tablet using Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tanka for Sunday Scribblings

Sunday Scribblings offers Beauty as today's prompt word.

a clean mantle falls
through the dark on hills and town
the virgin white snow
reflecting first morning light
autumn's rain-soaked gray turns bright

Note: Congratulations to Laini, Jim and Lips Touch: Three Times, on their nomination for 2009 National Book Award.

A digital photo with negative filter applied in Irfanview.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pleiades for RWP #101

READ WRITE POEM   Include as many of these PPPPrompt words as Possible: posthumous, parallelogram, platitude, prevaricate, procrastinate, plethora, plaster, pernicious, polyglot, pea, prickle, porous, processional

Poetic License

prevaricate she does

plasters old platitudes
porous as split peapods

procrastination draws
plethora of lies 'til

processional turns up
posthumous tell-tale truths

Pleiades Form: 7 lines, 6 syllables - each line begins with the first letter of the title

Image is a combination apophysis fractal and digital photo.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cycliku for 3WW

ThomG, moderator of 3Word Wednesday offers these three words as prompt: Accident, Loyal, Obscene

bound by new wander
loyal to an unseen map
it's no accident
destiny may turn obscene
by no accident
loyal to that hidden map
she's here to wander

Image created on Bamboo Tablet with Adobe Photoshop Elements.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

R for ABC Wednesday

ABC WEDNESDAY ROUND 5: R is for......Respect!

I've always claimed Red as my favorite color. You know. RED.

When I began to watercolor, RED took on a number of names and shades. And more, until the list outgrew me. There were many Reds that I mistakenly called pinks and browns.

As always, Wikipedia provides an answer for everything Red  including a lengthy list of Reds along with matching color chips. Each of these sites is full of wonderful information.

Looking at this litany of Reds brought on an urge to color something. Anything. An urge to replace the gray of today with vivid, life-sustaining RED. So, I'm off to play with color on my Bamboo Fun Tablet which is similar to watercoloring without the mess.

Red, it is.

The image is a digital 'watercolor' created on Bamboo Fun Tablet and framed in FrameFun.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Haiku for One Single Impression

One Single Impression: Prompt 90: Reincarnation
Thanks to Gautami Tripathy of Rooted for this week's prompt

widespread tides
dance on coastal lines
rewrite shore

bright with future
rise from ash

ancient rain
falls in today's snow
water reborn

Fractal image created in Fractal Explorer, resized in Irfanview and framed with FrameFun

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Delphi for Sunday Scribblings

Sunday Scribblings offers Oracle as the weekly prompt.


In the N'awlins dusk
her palms turn up
for heaven's alms.
Magenta silks wrap thick
around her neck, slick
down across her gown.

Your long fine lines, said she,
foretell a first-class life.
I cross her palms with silver.
Unforeseen, that humid night
draws the Delphi's final gig
of Danse Macabre by trolley.

Fractal created in Fractal Explorer.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cycliku for 3WW

ThomG, moderator of 3WordWednesday, offers these words for prompt: hanker, murky, errant

an errant hanker
overcomes his murky mind
chaos tweaks the string
a hundred nightmares reel when
chaos tweaked the string
overcame his murky mind
with errant hankers

Fractal created in Apophysis, tinted in Picasa,  resized in Irfanview.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Q for ABC Wednesday

ABC WEDNESDAY ROUND 5: Qis for......Questions and answers!

fiery leaf
teases gray backdrop
winter laughs

Quintessential is a word that sings to my ear.

Quintessential fills the cracks which remain when describing a particular something. Quintessential holds the essence of that something in its most pure and concentrated form.

The photograph is, to me, Quintessential Autumn.


Sunday, November 08, 2009

Haiku for One Single Impression

One Single Impression: Prompt 89: Departed
Thanks to Loch Rob of A Small Look Inside for this week's prompt, departed.

gold and sienna
lifted away like geese v's
winter's nude branches

skins abandoned
boxes collect her blunders
skeleton keys

in late hours
mistakes moisten her eyes
tide sweeps the sand

Fractal created in Fractal Explorer.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Tanka for 3WW

ThomG, moderator of 3WordWednesday, offers these words today: obey, wither, karma

stifled by karma
she tacks hard to the starboard
failing to obey
she staked future on a wish
withered her labyrinth of days

Fractal created with Apophysis.


Tuesday, November 03, 2009

P for ABC Wednesday

ABC WEDNESDAY ROUND 5: P is for...Problems?

Pointillism. A form of detailed painting which is made by thousands and thousands of tiny dots. It's fallen out of favor in the recent years due to the massive amount of time and energy it consumes. A friend of mine worked on one for half her life and found that when it was finished she disliked it with a passion. Not a good thing.

I've never attempted it. Not long on patience and definitely short of dedication, I turned to watercolor because it often paints itself. A little water, a little pigment, a piece of paper and a few turns of the paper often manages to make an underpainting to be finished with a few broad strokes and a bit of negative painting.

The image is one of my first watercolors, an underwater scene, which I opened in Adobe Photoshop Elements to invert its color and then used the Pointillize filter. It shows a bit of the action required by this form of painting.

And that was the end of my patience.


Sunday, November 01, 2009

Haiku for One Single Impression

One Single Impression: Prompt 88: Shift in Time

a dither
at the cusp of then
nixes now

autumn leaves
fury of snowflakes
blink of time

shift of time
vintage transmission

Fractal created in Fractal Explorer, resized in Irfanview.