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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Dry Spring

Perched raptors cheer.

Cartwheeling tumbleweeds
cruise the Palouse,
field by harrowed field,
slipstreaming dust devils
ahead of the sun to the
checkered flag of barbs.

Raptors soar ~ clapping wings.

Manipulated Fractal by Turner

Tumblewords Blog, the first year, is available here in e-book format.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

What Janus Sees

Pocked by nimble hooves
five o’clock stubble clings,
stubborn in wind-chilled sun.
One six-pack of scrub jays
scatters the silence
tepid spring forces its way
upon the barren brow
defined by seasoned gray.

sketch by Turner

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Thursday, March 15, 2007


accelerating time
measured in mundane,
the everyday spent
with slapdash squander

out of the blue, a
passion for Mach 2
rocks my edge

kickstarts thirst
for Wells' contraption

photo CdA, c 1948

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Wii, Mii and We

Oh! It was much better than I imagined.

I told you once about the competition among my grandkids and me with the original Nintendo when they were young and I wasn't so old, too!

Today, three of them and I golfed, bowled and gave Zelda a run on the new Wii connected to a 32" screen TV. To stand and swing a club or bend low to roll the ball down the alley is an amazing workout as well as virtually credible.

Anyway, I whipped some of those young adults at golf and some at bowling. They were surprised and I'm still happy ~ and lucky that no one begged me to box, play tennis or baseball which are playable options on this newest Nintendo console. The ability to design avatars for any number of right or left-handed players is worth an hour or so of giggle.

The grandson said he'd trade the new Wii and fifty bucks boot for my original Nintendo console. I asked why. 'I think they're gonna be worth a lot of money.' He's so like his dad. Laughing.

It was an offer I could refuse so I came home with a borrowed DaVinci Code DVD, a container of scrumptious spaghetti with sauce, a piece of yummery home-made apple pie, enough video clips to post a new YouTube, a sure-to-stiffen shoulder and a stomach sore from laughter.

I can hardly wait to get my own Wii. Maybe I'll trade the treadmill.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007


memories skitter
like mice on a midnight floor,
I tend white sage
in an earthen bowl
feather the smoke
of sweetgrass plaits
sprinkle salt
hang an unframed mirror
outbound over the entry,
liberate the ghost
that lingered
when you faded
last year like a warm spot
in the first spring breeze

Clearing is in North of Summer, A Decade of Poetry which is in e-book format or print at Lulu.com

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Monday, March 05, 2007

Fibonacci Poems, A Pair

tossed and turned
the winter shredded
each white puff, bequeathed grouchy gray

Raptor soars
for Icarus dive
until, as Phoenix, climbs once more

This form fascinates me. The syllable count is close to Haiku but the distribution of those numbers allows for extension.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Avoiding Cybercide

For whatever reason, I decided that leaving my blogs open to cybercide by Internet vagaries was a big risk. If you asked why, I'd shrug, raise my right eyebrow and turn my palms to the sky.

A search for a backup program revealed software to do that. After downloading the program and scanning the tutorial, I entered the URL and in seconds my blog was saved forever. Well, a negotiable forever. I found it was committed to saving only a few pages at a time with a low maximum number and adding insult to injury, it refused to recognize images without a $200 upgrade. Deciding that was a bigger risk than cybercide, I puzzled.

Another search. It was a quiet Saturday, I was home for the day and worn by the week. Energy had gone south so there was lots of computer time.

I tried cut and paste with Word. That wasn't easy because the link to the image followed and had to be manually cleared...much of the day had slipped away when I remembered downloading Open Office on a thumb drive earlier last year. Eureka!

My blogs have now been transformed into nifty little e-books. Would I have had more fun doing something productive? Maybe. Maybe not. What shall I do with them now? What shall I do now?