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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Avoiding Cybercide

For whatever reason, I decided that leaving my blogs open to cybercide by Internet vagaries was a big risk. If you asked why, I'd shrug, raise my right eyebrow and turn my palms to the sky.

A search for a backup program revealed software to do that. After downloading the program and scanning the tutorial, I entered the URL and in seconds my blog was saved forever. Well, a negotiable forever. I found it was committed to saving only a few pages at a time with a low maximum number and adding insult to injury, it refused to recognize images without a $200 upgrade. Deciding that was a bigger risk than cybercide, I puzzled.

Another search. It was a quiet Saturday, I was home for the day and worn by the week. Energy had gone south so there was lots of computer time.

I tried cut and paste with Word. That wasn't easy because the link to the image followed and had to be manually cleared...much of the day had slipped away when I remembered downloading Open Office on a thumb drive earlier last year. Eureka!

My blogs have now been transformed into nifty little e-books. Would I have had more fun doing something productive? Maybe. Maybe not. What shall I do with them now? What shall I do now?

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