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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Wii, Mii and We

Oh! It was much better than I imagined.

I told you once about the competition among my grandkids and me with the original Nintendo when they were young and I wasn't so old, too!

Today, three of them and I golfed, bowled and gave Zelda a run on the new Wii connected to a 32" screen TV. To stand and swing a club or bend low to roll the ball down the alley is an amazing workout as well as virtually credible.

Anyway, I whipped some of those young adults at golf and some at bowling. They were surprised and I'm still happy ~ and lucky that no one begged me to box, play tennis or baseball which are playable options on this newest Nintendo console. The ability to design avatars for any number of right or left-handed players is worth an hour or so of giggle.

The grandson said he'd trade the new Wii and fifty bucks boot for my original Nintendo console. I asked why. 'I think they're gonna be worth a lot of money.' He's so like his dad. Laughing.

It was an offer I could refuse so I came home with a borrowed DaVinci Code DVD, a container of scrumptious spaghetti with sauce, a piece of yummery home-made apple pie, enough video clips to post a new YouTube, a sure-to-stiffen shoulder and a stomach sore from laughter.

I can hardly wait to get my own Wii. Maybe I'll trade the treadmill.

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