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Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday 5

Michelle at Poefusion's Friday 5 offers the following prompt words: aluminum foil, skunk, salt, brittle and Polaroid. These make a story of their own. Feel free to read what others have written and to write your own!

brown streaks of tri tip
clung to the aluminum foil
crumpled and cooling on the deck,
the cagey skunk guarded his prize
while she flung salt on stains
and sprinkled tomato juice
on the whining beagle,
her humor gone brittle
she reached for the Polaroid
to picture proof for the guests
soon to arrive for the cookout


paisley said...

absolutely perfect scenario.. i will be anxious to find out how many people have never heard of tri tip.. i know i never had before i moved to california.. never.. don't have em and never heard of em on the east coast.... isn't that funny....

deathsweep said...

This was great. I could see it as it was happening!

anthonynorth said...

One day I might be able to write poetry like that, but I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

You might know that someone on the other side of the pond wouldn't know what tri tip is. However, thanks to Google I now know. I think you've done a fantastic job here.

J. S. Clawson said...

And now I know what a tri tip is! And since I LOVE steak, I know I love it! This was a great poem with a worst case scenario, happening right before the guest arrive! I loved it, thanks for sharing it.

poefusion said...

Your poem was an absolute delight to read. I could easily picture all this taking place before the guests arrived. You have such an amazing imagination. Keep up the good work. Have a nice weekend.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Tri tip? Still have to find out about that one. But, even in my ignorance, totally loved the scenario you created here!


UL said...

oh yes...i could see it all so very clearly...perfect like paisley says..