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Thursday, February 05, 2009


where chaos meets the string of hope

and quantum dreams
choked by the hands of ticktock
bounce against the rock
unseen by searching light beams

when chaos meets the string of hope

upstream gives way to downstream
ripples out another theme
to wage against the racing clock

when chaos meets the string of hope

tangled knots of the oily scheme
lack compassion to redeem
and full blown devils mock
the better angels' knock
to tread the path of a losing team

where chaos meets the string of hope

Totally Optional Prompt this week: Repetition in Forms.

The image is a digital photo of a geranium blossom, stalk and leaves altered with Pixia.



Gordon Mason said...

I don't normally go for rhymed poems as they sometimes seem forced. This doesn't however .... and the images are powerful and imaginative.

anthonynorth said...

The conflict of opposites coming together in balance.
That's how to beat chaos.

Anonymous said...

Love the repetition and the pic too, WonderfulWords!!!

Anonymous said...

So much chaos; so little hope - but at least hope exists.

Jannie Funster said...

The "oily scheme," delicious little pairing of words!

Anonymous said...

not at all chaotic ;) !! quite well written !

Philip Thrift said...

tangled knots of the oily scheme
lack compassion to redeem

made me think:

"Oh, what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practice to deceive!" (Walter Scott, Marmion)

Anonymous said...

I like the repeating line a lot; it's meaty and one of my dreams for our world.

Art and Poetry said...

Its great! I really like it
I always like rhyming poetry best

carole said...

This is beautiful. I loved both the words and the art.

paisley said...

i have always loved repetition in poetry,, so this one is right up my alley!!! great write sue....

Whitesnake said...

Brilliant again!

Mandy said...

I read your poem and these comments, then looked out of my window at the chaos of ice and frozen trees to see two blackbirds. Everything falls into place when there is hope around.