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Monday, February 02, 2009

Comet Lulin and Winter Haiku

limping away
winter concedes to
spring’s bluster

cold with winter
memories of spring
stutter with chill

grooves back to February
Comet Lulin

The recently discovered Comet Lulin is being referred to as the ‘Comet of Cooperation’. More can be seen at National Geographic, NASA and Scientific American.

One Single Impression offers 'slowly' for today's prompt.

Fractal created by Sue in Apophysis.


SandyCarlson said...

Two mild days make me wonder if winter will limp away! There does seem to be some cooperating going on!

Art and Poetry said...

Nice poem!
This is a very good post for me I had not heard about thi Comet.
I love artronomy and I will check this out, thanks!

Julia Smith said...

Lovely news about the Co-operation Comet - I hadn't heard about it before. And a wonderful painting to go along with it.

The second haiku is more like the weather out here. Another storm scheduled for tomorrow.

Deborah Godin said...

Very gentle poems, and I'm also very glad to learn of this new comet!!

anthonynorth said...

Roll on that spring. The UK has just been hit by its worst snow in 18 years. Brrrr!!!

Anonymous said...

Like Tony, I live in the UK where the snow has even penetrated the usually mild Hampshire basin. I remember you having a tough time of it last winter.

That's a nice idea - a comet for co-operation. The fractal, as ever, is amazing.

Amias said...

Spring comes to slowly.

The co-operation comet, what a wonderful name to give a comet, as right now the world could use some positive co-operation.

Noah the Great said...

If Phil dies, do we never have spring again?

lissa said...

memories of spring/stutter with chill - love those lines

quite a lovely winter haiku

Sue said...

An impatient human, I would hurry winter out, and quickly usher spring in -- but then think what we'd miss. Lovely verses.

Quiet Paths said...

I read of Lulin today. These are actually pretty catchy lines... are you sure you don't hear music with them?

Jeeves said...

Very nice one!!!!

gel(Emerald Eyes) said...

I adore that you wrote about this Comet. (I love astronomy.)

Personification works beautifully "limping away" (Although hard to choose, my fave is the first haiku.)
"stutters with chill"
I like these a lot, Sue.

Dave King said...

I think the middle one would be the pick of them for me.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Oh, if only winter would limp away! It's hanging in tight over here.

Comet Lulin? I'm going to have to investigate this!

zoya gautam said...

..do not why but the picture looks mysteriously holy..the poems are quietly expressive..many thanks..

zoya gautam said...

error:-..'do not why'-(above)
please read-'do not know why'

WillThink4Wine said...

It seems that winter has not yet conceded here, but we do have plenty of blustery days!

Marianne H. Nielsen said...

I loved 'memories of spring, stutter with chill' For me that says it all and very clearly too.

Jim said...

A very nice series here, Sue. Had you not titled it so explanatory using the Comet's name the end line would be very unexpected.
But as it is of course I read with expectation about the newly to be seen comet.
I like it your way better, I had interest all the way through.

One question, did you intend the word "grooves" to mean gooves like being groovey or grooves the comet is entrapped in it's orbit?
Fine either way, I like groovey better.

Thank you for this, I have marked my calendar especially for the week of Feb 24. I don't know the moon phases from this one but I sure don't want to have a very full moon for my watching.
I haven't missed a newsworthy comet for quite a while.
BTW on my other blog my dog, Adi, is predicting six more weeks of winter.

Tammy said...

These are lovely Sue. We need more winter here or we will face a bad fire season. Maybe I need to ask Lulin. lol

Kathiesbirds said...

Winter is certainly slowly receding for those in the north. Here it barely got started! I have never heard of Comet Lulin. Interesting! I really like the first Haiku.

Deborah Godin said...

Thanks for pointing out the link I missed - it's was ony in bold, large and purple - duh!!!