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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Not Always

Totally Optional Prompts suggests an anaphora form for this week.

by no means what it seems
fragile dawn breaks free
shows the book of greed

dusk hides sins of day
blurs veracity of life
by no means what it seems

by no means what it seems
dreams slip into the dark
reaching hands still seek

rain cleans the clouds
sheds dirt and mould
by no means what it seems



Anonymous said...

I love all the "ee" sounds you put into this poem. Well done!

anthonynorth said...

An air of mystery to this.

Stan Ski said...

Nothing ever is - and opinions always differ.

Philip Thrift said...

Interesting philosophical poem ... things, indeed, are many times opposed to what they "seem".

Anonymous said...

philosophical ... willtry this form !!

Jeeves said...

I love the rhythm. Nice one.

susan said...

my mind kept wanting to say by no means necessary. I realize that makes no sense other than the sound and familiarity.

Thanks for the read.

Rose said...

A thought-provoking poem! I've never heard of anaphora before, but I've certainly read many examples of them, now that I know what it is:)

I missed your "Frost in February"--lovely use of imagery and a great description of the month.

Thanks for visiting Wed. and for your well wishes; my father is doing much better.

Quiet Paths said...

I've been back to read over these again; you make me think. Very well done with this form.

lv2scpbk said...

Nice blog. My sister likes to do poetry.

Ofira Sephiroth said...

Great rhythm throughout and love the mysterious feel.

Linda Jacobs said...

I never thought about the parts of the day this way before! And I love the image of the rain cleaning the clouds!

Winnie the poohi said...

Lovely poem!

Jo said...

Lovely movement here.....great imagery too.