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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Morning View

vampires drove a knife
clean through her heart

then oozed into the dark
like old Cheshire cats might

the damage was done
no evidence to the contrary

the corpse was not smiling
in line with its regular style

the first November sun
sulked in the gray morning sky

The image is one of the first created in Bamboo Fun. I have much to learn...

ThomG, current moderator of Three Word Wednesday, offers these words for prompt:
damage, knife, corpse

Feel free to follow the links to read other's writings and to join in this fun-loving Wednesday meme!


ThomG said...

You've done a nice job with some difficult words. I hope I didn't scare some regulars.

Anonymous said...

eeek! it can be very dark out there...

poefusion said...

Ooh what a wonderful Halloween story, Tumblewords. I enjoyed reading this one, much. Have a nice night.

sgreerpitt said...

I like the first of the gift poems the best...the first two lines suggest something alive "set free," but then the last line breaks in another direct, of something more abstract, but very important "possibility" -- also how neat to find one word with 5 syllables!

Anonymous said...

like a novel only shorter, still I'm wondering how this girl/person ended up being by kill by vampires, I like the last part as goes from dark to light, as if it nothing matter anymore now that she's a goner

~willow~ said...

I sometimes struggle with poetry, but enjoyed this one, although I'm not sure why ... I think it's because of the violent imagery of the first two [stanzas?], it's still in my mind as I try to process the remaining lines, and I walk away with a sulking sun ... call me weird but I like it :)

gautami tripathy said...

Hope you have a great halloween!

Speak out

Anonymous said...

I don't read about vampires, but your words flowed so well - and the drawing - it drew me in. Can't wait to see you do more on the Bamboo Fun.