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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hiccup in Time

Totally Optional Prompt:
For this week's prompt, revisit a place, person, or idea that was once familiar and that you haven't seen in a long time. Has it changed, or have you?

Dad drove our old Chevy
across the Kansas plain

From knees of baby fat,
I stretched to see out.

Between two farmed hills
a familiar house sat,

my pleas to visit
met Dad's sorry, babe

those folks are strangers,
we’ve never passed this way.

Part of me went up those steps
to that leaded glass door

and into the home I knew,
one I’d loved before.

Post-processed digital photo by Sue


anthonynorth said...

You can feel the nostalgia in this. Excellent.

Anonymous said...

knew in previuos birth?

Anonymous said...

knew in previuos birth?

Anonymous said...

Phew! I got a little shiver there, de ja vue?

Anonymous said...

You always leave me imagining.

Melody said...

This is wonderful, I can imagine your whole scene going back in time. Very nice.

Stan Ski said...

A kind of confusing sadness to this; I'm sure you must know for sure by now??

Annie Jeffries said...

Enchanting and magical.

Anonymous said...

Grand and beautiful. Your picture and poem. I liked the story about revisiting an old landmark. At least in your poetry there was something still there.

I think you were already to mine

Tina said...

beautiful poem with a happy ending :)

sorry i missed your hots! been a bit snowed under! im catching up today!!

hope yoour having a great weekend