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Thursday, October 16, 2008


pears drop from the tree
turn tooth ache cold
cricket songs freeze in hips
fall brings a distinct chill

fluffy birds glean berries
fermented during night
become frantic as they team
energies for the next migration

the sun holds back warmth
forces the static of heaters
surging to override the cold
...she wrenches sweaters

from closets, lays them
at the ready, surveys pantry items
posits the distasteful truth
survival is an impossible goal

Totally Optional prompt: let's try to use internal rhymes. Try rhyming a word in the middle of a line with the word at the end of the line. Or try rhyming the word at the end of a line with a word in the middle of the next line.


Tammy Brierly said...

I loved your expression of fall and the pears falling. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it must be signs of the season, its freezing here tonight and the forcast is worse.

Nicely expressed!

anthonynorth said...

We're going to be surviving all round, I think. A timely, excellent poem.

Anonymous said...

Very nice work. My favorites phrase is "turn tooth ache cold."

Stan Ski said...

Make hay while the sun shines - small comfort from autumn fruit however sweet.

Linda Jacobs said...

Oh, yeah, I've felt that "tooth ache cold" many times! I like the sweaters coming out of the closet.

Anonymous said...

Lovely. I could feel winter surrounding me as I read your words.

I've begun writing again, too:

Odessa said...

it is indeed fall. like linda, i also love the visual of wrenching sweaters from closets.

poefusion said...

ooh, this is really good and you captured the cold seeping into our lives well. I also like your fractal. It's beautiful. Reminds me of dragons.

Melody said...

I just went and grabbed my sweater from my closet. I really liked this, from nature dealing to the change of the season to us, very nice.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed this one.......it flows so well.

paisley said...

pretty words... but i on the one hand am looking forward to the bleaker of the seasons to go with the bleaker side of me... something about the cold and they gray inspire me.......

Christy Woolum said...

The way you arranged the words in this poem is lovely. Such powerful images. Our inland empire cold came, but this week-end I feel like Indian summer has returned.

Q said...

Once again I am thrilled to be reading your poetry. Why do I punish myself by staying away?
This one is exquisite. I loved the way the words tickled my tongue as I read out loud.
I turned on my space heater too. Your Autumn chill came onto my legs as I read. Powerful words.
Wonderful work.
Thank you.