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Monday, October 13, 2008

Haiku Gold

One Single Impression posts: Thanks to Gemma Wiseman of "Gemma's 'Greyscale Territory' - Poetic Songlines" for this week's prompt of gold


air filters warmth
from autumn's southbound sun
fool's gold


baby's first smile
sparkles in father's mind
pure gold


bedrock cache
hematite and nuggets
snuggle in the dark



anthonynorth said...

A great selection. I've experienced the middle one quite a few times.

Jim said...

Yes, and that baby will show father more gold. I like the series a lot.

Dad had a small collection of hematite rocks. He would tell kids they were gold. We soon figured it out, maybe Mom told us.
Was our wonder pure gold to him?

Beth P. said...

I love the thought of gold and other 'precious' stones (like hematite!) snuggling in the dark!

Thank you, Miz Tumblewords...

Anonymous said...

Very nice variety of interpretations of the prompt. I'm a rock hound, so I really lke the last one!

Geraldine said...

Some excellent examples of gold Sue and lovely painting to accompany. Hugs, G


Anonymous said...

I love all three of these for different reasons. Your art is beautiful, as usual, Sue. Do you do it with software?

Quiet Paths said...

I can connect with all of these very well. I love rocks; I love the way they feel and looking at them - searching for them, so that last one is a true gem! pun intended.

SandyCarlson said...

How I fall for that fool's gold every time! The second one brought back priceless memories. And the third opened my mind very nicely. Thanks.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Each haiku is a precious golden nugget of thought! Loved all of these!

Gilson said...

A smile is sure to be a breath-taking sight, especially when it's a genuine one. Great Haiku, Sue!

Anonymous said...

.."a rock hound!"_knows where the gold is-wonderful poems..many thanks..

Patois42 said...

Give me that pure gold any time. But, lacking that, I'll settle for the fool's gold. An enjoyable, whimsical series. The fractal is stunning.

Joyce said...

All vibrant word pictures.
Baby's First Smile is my favorite. :)

Anonymous said...

Love your ‘haiku’ on this theme … and the fractal as well. Simply beautiful!
Hugs and blessings,