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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Forbidden Cinquain

Sunday Scribblings posts: Hi all! This is going up a day early this week since I'm going out of town. In honor of BANNED BOOKS WEEK, the prompt is: Forbidden. You can talk about book-banning if you wish, or anything else that has to do with things "forbidden." This could go in a lot of directions, so have some fun!

Feel free to follow the link to see what others wrote! You are welcome to play along!

My response:


she pays
a hefty price ~
voodoo gurus concoct
curses to render his lovers


Fractal created in Fractal Explorer.


Forgetfulone said...

Ah, very clever! And creative! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

anthonynorth said...

A deep and slightly meancing approach to this one. Loved it.

Linda Jacobs said...

Yeah, she's in trouble!

Love "voodoo gurus"! Great sounds!