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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Land of Heat and Money

red rock monoliths block
the horizon line,
their shadows blacken
the dust grown ankle deep

sun glances off the land
raptors hover on heat waves
without tears, a tiny girl
cradles in crackling grass

under a bronze-like shine
her tummy stretches
fine as skin upon a drum
tomorrow, her mother

cursing and screaming grief
will bury this fifth child, her
only daughter, lost to famine
and a faulty trickle down theory


Totally Optional Prompt says: your prompt this week is to take an unsavory topic and find a way to make it glow. Polish it. Turn it into something beautiful. (I say, now you can try it - it's not as easy as it appears. Unsavory, indeed.)



Anonymous said...

Very sad one.

Anonymous said...

More of the money in the land should be used to combat this situation.

Linda Jacobs said...

Powerful! Unnecessary and and sad.

"Cradles in crackling grass" is a wonderful description.

paisley said...

wow... i wouldn't call this unsavory,, i would call it heart wrenching.... excellently executed....

anthonynorth said...

This should be sad enough to fuel protests. Why do we allow it?
Excellent, as always.

Anonymous said...

Some things never seem to change, who was it that said 'the poor will always be with us'? Apart from that, a wonderfully descriptive piece of poetry.

Anonymous said...

Apocalyptic amen - and what a great title.

Anonymous said...

Extremely strong writing that wrenched my soul. Well-done.