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Friday, December 05, 2008

December Noon

winter sky turns vitreous
stumbles starkly near

losing its limpid look
it gears up once more

inundates the north
with a foot of white debris

Poefusion Friday 5 prompts with these words (I added definitions for some)!

vitreous ~ of, relating to, derived from, or consisting of glass
limpid ~ absolutely serene and untroubled -clear



Anonymous said...

you describe winter very well, I thought you use the words quite well, I had to look up vitreous and limpid, the 5 words does lend itself to the cold weather, doesn't it?

poefusion said...

Tumblewords, your poem makes me wish to see a big snow but, maybe on Christmas or just before. We don't get much around her anymore. But, then I would want it to leave soon as I don't like the cold weather. Wonderful poem. You captured winter well. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you added the meanings. You came out with a perfect description of just before a storm.

Anonymous said...

Hi- I'm here from Lucy's blog, but I've seen your comments on many other writing sites I visit. This poem of yours is appeals to me. I think it's creative how you used the word choice prompt and added your own flavor.

I like the vivid imagery used with few words and the alliteration. Nicely done. I like to write poetry, too, but haven't posted much since Poetry Thurs let.

totomai said...

i am not anticipating winter after all, lol. yeah but this was an interesting poem about it

Dave King said...

The poem works well when read either with or without the prompts in mind.

Q said...

Dear Sue,
I can see the snow falling!
Thank you for a vivid poem..I feel kind of chilly!
Last year you were covered up for months...hope the foot of snow melts quickly.
Stay warm...

Anonymous said...

hello sue... love the simple light description of the coming winter here in the great northwest... also love yr new personalized header..

Anonymous said...

Superb use of the prompts. As Dave says, it works just as well without having them in mind.