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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Mars at Large

Flaming forests red at dusk
Death Star, silent as feather steps
chases Luna from the sky
Sol burns the edge of summer

baked pears fall from trees
wither under raven whispers
Fate chants songs
without words

Mt Helicon hugs the muses
who stop between heavens
to rewrite, change nibs
speak of hemlock twigs.

Death Star, original watercolor by Sue Turner (owned by Breanna Combs, Auburn, WA). Other abstracts available at Gallery



Crafty Green Poet said...

I like the atmosphere in your words and the colour in your painting.

Q said...

Oh, I can feel the heat.
Always I am inspired.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the hemlock Muse. Alas, I know her well.

Robin said...

I like the connections between the poem and the painting. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Cool, I like the way you work the words in this one. The image of baked pears falling from the trees, the muses changing pen nibs. And the picture is really neat too.

Clare said...

Your painting and poem go so well together -- warm, dark, and mysterious. Great lines in your poem too -- "silent as feather steps" and "baked pears fall from trees". The pears are perfect -- we have a pear tree and the heat does start to bake them right on the tree.

carole said...

I love the 'baked pears fall from trees/wither under raven whispers', the music in your words and the colour in the painting.

patti said...

Loved the magic in this poem.

Deb said...

Wow. The lines and images work so well together. It's hard to find just one or two lines I like very best, they are of a whole...but the last two are particularly evocative.

Anonymous said...

There is such a visual richness to your words. I had such strong colors floating through my thoughts as I read, and then I saw your painting: a-ha! It made total sense.

Very nice to see both the words and your painting together.

Constance Brewer said...

There is a breathless quality to this poem I really like. Along with the subject matter! :)

Regina said...

What a wonderful poem- there was so much imagery that kept popping up for me! The words, Death Star, however did make me think of Star Wars as we just got done watching all 6 of the movies! Darn movies!
beaitufl picture as well!

sage said...

I like the way you weave the images, nicely done

Pearl said...

You paint too? Cool. Like the surreal feel to the words.

Annie Jeffries said...

Thank you for your feedback at my site Sue. It means a lot and helps me towards my decision. Unfortunately, no email for you so must acknowledge you here, which of course, is not such a bad place to be anyway.

Anonymous said...

I love the wording in this. And the paintings!

M McGowen AKA Haunted Poet said...

"Sol burns the edge of summer" ... Magical and beautiful. The painting is too, and goes well with the feel of the poem.