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Sunday, August 26, 2007

That Sinking Feeling

I get a sinking feeling when I:

know family members hurt and I can't fix them

learn I haven't learned much

find people fully motivated by money and fame

see the beautiful countryside torn asunder by development

see clear lakes infested with waste

see leaders increase their wages while the poor, young, and old starve

learn that wars haven't been educational

realize I've morphed into the old crone and the feeling isn't new - I posted it here 'way back then.

More than a few sinking feelings have attacked lately but I'm still afloat. And glad to see how many others are!

Sunday Scribblings


NuttersNotes said...

Well said....I think you covered it all in a few choice words. I'm right there with you

Sherri B. said...

I agreed with all your examples...and I can especially relate to the "getting older" one...I'm glad you're still afloat! I am, too, thank goodness, and have no plans on sinking any time soon. :~)

Hope said...

Is it too late to change the world?

Kamsin said...

Seems like there's so much in this world to bring us down. I guess it's a good thing there's plenty to balance it out and keep us afloat!

Marcella Paliekara said...

You speak my thoughts. I am originally from Spokane too.

Patois42 said...

I can relate to many of your items. It's hard to choose which one sinks me most quickly, but I think it's the second one: I thought I'd know so much more.

BTW, thank you for your kind comment on my post. It's now Monday and we've got another drop-off under our belts. I guess it's progress as he stress puked before we left the house. Sigh.

Steve Isham said...

Ah, sinkers all. I wonder which is least reversible? "...people fully motivated by money and fame"? And who will have the final word? Hope springs eternal. :-)

V said...

I too share your thoughts regarding the environment, leaders and wars.

Here's to the reversal of these damages.

And thanks for your comment!

harmonyinline said...

I can relate to your list.

Anonymous said...

You spoke out for all of us. THis list covers most of what I feel.

Notivated becos of money rings true more so in the present times.

raymond pert said...

First of all, thanks for reading my sinking feeling piece and commenting.

I'd like to say about your list that I'm amazed and frequently sunk (and humbled) by learning that I haven't learned much. It spurs me to learn more and overwhelms me with how much I could learn and trying to decide what to learn about next.

This is a very good list. I'll keep an eye out for your posts, hoping you continue to write Scribblings for Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Interesting list. I can relate to all of it. Best among the list..."see leaders increase their wages while the poor, young, and old starve"...

Tammy Brierly said...

These are things that would bring on sinking feelings but I'm glad you're staying afloat. I loved the poem you just posted.

Cherie said...

Sound like a list I'd write ... but old crone, no, never, you couldn't possibly be ;~)