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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Headlines Parrot Night Tales

Ominous as storm clouds
coupling in the dark
shadows swoop
across the Wolf Moon face,

ravens fall from grace to ground
beat at window glass
rasp the wooden sill
rip shingled roof to shreds.

My Daddy always said
crowded creatures go mad
and humans likely will
as their numbers cross the bar.

Forests fill with people
clearing trees and game
life breeds Hitchcock scenes
mirrored in daily news.

North of Summer, A Decade of Poetry available at Lulu.com


Q said...

Hi Sue,
So very true, beautifully told.
I am concerned about the human species.
I noticed you have your first year of Tumblewords available as an e-book. I am approaching my first year on Corner and am interested in learning how to archive this past year. Would you please point me in the right direction to e-book?
Thank you,

Anonymous said...

A very beautiful poem and it expresses it excellently: we, humans, are crowding the Earth!

At the rate we are destroying Earth and as suiscidal as we are - the future for the human species is very bleak.

Yesterday scientists announced about a distant planet that has been discovered (not in our solar system)which could have water and could be habitable; but what is the use? We will certainly destroy it too, should we ever inhabit it.