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Monday, April 16, 2007

Eggs and Oranges

albedo (al-BEE-doh) noun ~ as presented by AWAD (A word a day)
1. The fraction of light reflected from a body or surface.
2. The white, spongy inner lining of a citrus fruit rind.

I love this word and could have used it recently. My favorite 4-year-old asked me to peel an orange for him. I did. He then requested that I take 'the scrambled eggs' off the sections. Will I ever have another opportunity to use this word?

This link to the list of banished words for 2007 earns my approval - not difficult to do, after all. As a confirmed wordlover I find ... never mind, that word's overused and banished. I wish I'd use my increased vocabulary rather than grab the handiest and most boring one on the front of my tongue.

List of ingredients for spur-of-the-moment Easter eggs: one hard-boiled egg, three Memorex CD markers and a curious child.

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