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Friday, April 06, 2007

Poets, Artists plus a Fibonacci Poem

Post Falls
flees downstream
to string a necklace
garlands Spokane with rapid beads
reflects star sparkles to bling the double dark of night

I find synergism between art and words. One stirs the other. Creative comes with many definitions but the one I find most useful is the sharing of ideas, colors and words.

One artists' newsletter to which I subscribe, The Painters Keys, often inspires me to write rather than paint.

A weekly poetry column posted by Ted Kooser, American Life in Poetry, often causes me to turn to color and brush.

Scissors and Knives, a poem of mine, was posted today on A Long Story Short.

Crystal Glass, digital photo

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Unknown said...

I'm enjoying your blog entries, keep them coming!

Q said...

As I read your words and gaze at your art I am awed.
Thank you.