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Sunday, April 01, 2007

National Poetry Month, Knopf and More

April brings a spate of rain for flowers and a plethora of poems for word lovers. Even if you don't prefer poetry over other verbiage, you'll find your creativity stirred by the input of others' thoughts which are readily available during National Poetry Month.

Poetry Daily
and Verse are sites I read during the year. Random House Knopf Poem of the Day is available by E-mail during April.

Regional poets Dick Case, Juliene Munts, Zan Agzigian, Stuart Polzin and Tim Hunt will present a poetry program at 6:45 PM in the Post Falls Library on April 27. If you have an opportunity to attend, you'll be well rewarded. The Library will issue this as a Podcast as well.

It might be no accident that the Discovery Channel's Planet Earth appears in April as its photography and narrative are poetic and thought-provoking. There are few programs that so positively expose the comparison between nature and man. It's truly a valued break from the shouting of media and pseudo reality shows. IMHO.

Tumblewords Blog and North of Summer, A Decade of Poetry are available as e-books from Lulu.com

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