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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Interviewing Joyce Anthony, Author

Today I have the opportunity to ask a few questions of Joyce A. Anthony, author of Storm.

I'm fascinated by her media blitz and her marketing skills. As many of you know, I wrote two novels during Nanowrimo sessions, edited and self-published on Lulu Publishing. Most of my marketing has been word-of-mouth and while that's been semi-successful, I admire an author who gets out there and 'gets it done'. I'll be watching this lady!!

Sue: Do you write and market full time?

Joyce: I write daily--unfortunately I have just started to try and market--it was something that scared me for a long time.

Sue: How long did it take to write Storm?

Joyce: From the first word to submission was two years--although there was a period of nearly a year when I did not write on Storm. Other projects took over and, while I worked on the book in my mind, I did not do any actual writing.

Sue: Do you write in Nanowrimo fashion or do you use an outline?

Joyce: I never outline. I knew how the book would end when I started--at least the basic idea. I wrote the first chapter and went back and added a Prologue. The story developed as I wrote. I have found outlining doesn't work for me because my characters tend to have a life of their own and are too stubborn to do what I plan on them doing :-)

Sue: Did you edit this book yourself?

Joyce: I did three edits on Storm before I was ready to submit, but the final edit was done by Janet Elaine Smith.

Sue: What can you tell us about your forthcoming book?

Joyce: My next book is Spirit of the Stallion--it will be the story of my son, who was born with bipolar disorder and several other "issues" but has grown and fought and overcome the hardships and pain associated with. It will be, I hope, an inspiration to all who have a bipolar child in their life.

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Cheryl said...

Another great interview, Joyce. I love hearing about how other writers approach their craft.

I'm still on the fence about outlining. Sometimes I use them, sometimes I don't. It depends on what I am working on.

Keep up the great work Joyce. And Sue, thanks for asking some great questions.


Anonymous said...

Joyce is one heck of a lady, and fantastic author. I am very proud to know her.


JanetElaineSmith said...

Nice interview, Joyce, and I will have to come back here to read some of the other blog entries. Looks like an interesting place. Thanks for mentioning my editing. You know I adore this book.
Janet Elaine Smith, author, editor, Marketing Dir. Star Publish LLC

Anonymous said...

The "work in progress" sounds fascinating! Storm is a terrific book, so I'm expecting to see great things from Joyce Anthony in the future.



Q said...

Thank you for this interview.
Storm is on my book list now.