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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Poem for Totally Optional Prompts

Totally Optional Prompts posts: So, what do you have to say about laundry? Do you do your own or does someone do it for you? Do you hang it outside or use a dryer? Do you use fabric softener and bleach? And what about your dirty laundry? You know those deep, dark secrets. Do you air them or keep them hidden away?

Life Lines

stain-formed fractals
test the Jung and Freud
wrinkles hugging lint
origami layers enfold
dark and bitter defects
and agitate her sins

tangled strands of self
spin a thousand cuts
she spills not a single word

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Jeeves said...

tangled strands of self
spin a thousand cuts
she spills not a single word

This lines are just brilliant.

Anonymous said...

i was thinking laundry and then you just dazzled me...


Tammy Brierly said...


Rinkly Rimes said...

Your fractal certainly whirrs!

You might like this one........


poefusion said...

some really great lines in this one. keep up the good work. have a great night.

Stan Ski said...

This one has my mind spinning...

Paul Oakley said...

Very nice! I never think about laundry as a metaphor even though we have the built in metaphor of "airing dirty linens in public" (not quite laundry, but close...).

Wonderfully concise and strong.

Linda Jacobs said...

I love that last line! And the "origami layers" too!

Jane Doe said...

I really loved this one on so many levels. Using laundry to delve into someone's psyche was a very creative choice for this prompt.

Have a great day,


JP/deb said...

Excellent imagery. Love that last line.