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Friday, June 26, 2009

Synthesis for Carry on Tuesday

Carry On Tuesday offers: You would have understood me, had you waited...from Ernest Dowson. 1867–1900


synthesis labored
cells and pheromones
failed to deliver

I didn't mourn your
retreat when
anger nipped the air

I'd like to think you
would have understood me,
had you waited, but

I don't believe that's true
synthesis once still-birthed
will not be born again

The image is a bookmark, watercolored by Sue.

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KB said...

I found the last verse very powerful. Nicely done.

jabblog said...

Very neat and open to more than one interpretation.

abb said...

I didn't mourn your
retreat when
anger nipped the air

How beautifully those word are put together. The emotion can be felt.

Melissa Russell said...

Loved, loved the second stanza. The visual gets me every time.

lissa said...

sounds like a relationship gone sour, perhaps two scientists? to me anyway by the usage of "synthesis"

poefusion said...

The end of your poem brought chills. Powerful write, Tumblewords. Hope all is well.

paisley said...

very well written sue.. it flows so nicely and the prompt has become part of the verse,, as if it was written that way not added as a prompt... i really liked this...

carry on keith said...

Just perfect. It is as if the words of the prompt were yours. Thank you so much for taking part.

Janet Jarrell said...

North of Summer, South of Winter...well worth looking into. I always leave your blog inspired.