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Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer for Heads or Tails

Barb at Skittles, moderator of Heads or Tails, offers this prompt: TAILS - "Summertime memory" Since this is TAILS your summertime memory needs to be a real memory of yours. It can be a childhood memory, a memory from teens years or later. It can even be from last week.


her dirt bike kicks up a cloud
powders the ancient cedars
and masks the scent of berries
sunlight mottles the trail

one fat shadow budges
rising to hind legs like a man
snarly grunts and nose a-quiver
stages a standoff on the path

two wheels without reverse
and short of turnaround plot
brake pedal hisses a squeal
pitches it out like an overthrow

the brown bear drops to fours
and waddles into heavy brush
she breathes the sweat of fear
shifts to three, throttles away

This true summer memory was posted a couple of years ago but it seems appropriate for today's prompt!

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poefusion said...

What an ending tumblewords. I wasn't expecting that at all. Weren't you guys afraid? Good thing that bear was. I'd hate to think what could have happened to you all. Wonderfully written. Have a great night.

Jim said...

Hi Sue, this little saga reminds me of the time I came (fast) over an overpass on the freeway and all the cars ahead were stopped.
That quick stop reinforced my 'instinct' to apply the front brake without thinking every time, even quickly, when I applied the back brake. Or there would have been your 'turnaround' of a different sort.
And then I 'throttle(d) away' on the shoulder around the mess starting with one, then two, three, ... (gears) quickly back to my seventy-five (mph) plus.

I am also liking your play on numbers: one fat shadow; two wheels; shifts to three; and drops to fours.
Was it on purpose (I do this type but it is often subtle, no one mentions) a slight rhyme scheme? [budges/stages; hisses/pitches; drops/waddles/throttles; and ?? powders/masks]

anthonynorth said...

That's a scary moment.

Barb said...

Your dark shadow turned into something real. Most of mine turned into just being a bush or something. :P

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh boy....reminds me of one time when we were in Yellowstone...I got out of the car to snap a photo of two cubs in a tree...the Mama bear didn't like it...I was chased. Thank goodness I left the car door open.

My HoT is now posted. Come join me...have a scoop or two!!

i beati said...

big memory sandy

Karen said...

I enjoyed that poem. Was it really a bear??? Yikes!

Lana said...

what an interesting way to share a memory!

Lisa - Life Is Like a Box of Legos said...

Wow - sweat of fear would have been putting it mildly for me I think. Love the image today, it would have been quite appropriate for my post today (sans bear).

Sue said...

Now that would be scary! Your poetry rocks! :)

LA Nickers said...

I would BEARly have survived such a scene!

Glad you managed.

What a tale!

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Berni said...

Great poem. I expect the bear was a scared as you in this instance lucky it went off and no cubs around