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Monday, June 08, 2009

Haiku for One Single Impression

One Single Impression posts: This week's prompt, intersections, comes to us from Haiku Tuna.


warbles a siren song
spring echoes


color spills
calyx meets the stem
throat's curve


daylight slows
temperature rises
cusp of summer


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Jim said...

Okay, Sue. You caus(t)ed me to use some to use some of my precious retirement time looking up the word cusp.

It is a fine little word, I had other names for it in the different applications.

I now want you to tell me about when in time the of summer will be. I don't want to miss it. :-)
BTW, I do like this set of haiku concerning our natural world. Thank you.

You can edit these out if you wish:
1. A point or pointed end.
2. Anatomy.
a. A pointed or rounded projection on the chewing surface of a tooth.
b. A triangular fold or flap of a heart valve.
3. Mathematics. A point at which a curve crosses itself and at which the two tangents to the curve coincide.
4. Architecture. The point of intersection of two ornamental arcs or curves, such as the inner points of a trefoil.
5. Astronomy. Either point of a crescent moon.
6. A transitional point or time, as between two astrological signs.

sgreerpitt said...

three lovely verses about the intersections of beauty in life -- nice job.

lissa said...

the first & the last makes me think of summer and how I wish it's still spring...sigh...

Beth P. said...

Ah, Tumblewords...these are LOVELY!

Thank you--a little vacation, they were.

And...thanks for the comment you left on my submission to this prompt. I'd love to hear more from you about your 'goings'...

Have a wonderful week--

anthonynorth said...

Delightfully spring. Sadly, it's been put on hold in the UK - again. Heating off, heating on again. Ah, a typical Brit season.

zoya gautam said...

.. a season and its underplayed dramatics .. many thanks ..

Tammie Lee said...

your words paint a picture of the season, so lovely.

if said...

your verses are so fresh and lovely!

SandyCarlson said...

I like this very much. The second one makes me wish I could speak in flowers.

Geraldine said...

Excellent Sue. I loved your words and wonderful painting. Gorgeous!!!

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Oh Sue this is so delicate and lovely.

love, Melanie-bd

Beloved Haiku Dreams

poefusion said...

Beautiful verse Tumblewords.

Kristy Worden said...

Beautiful picture... lovely words

gabrielle said...

so lovely and evocative. season spilling into season.

the second one was pure alchemy...

Patti said...

Beautiful!!! I love the words" daylight slows...cusp of summer"...delightful! Thanks~