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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Poem for Totally Optional Prompts

Totally Optional Prompts posts: Check out your horoscope and write a poem in response to it.

Natal Chart

A dry moat
Circles her houses
Family. money and love

Earth, fire and wind
Feelings are flares
Without tears

No water for mud
No water for steam
No water for flow

She seeks lakes
creeks and ponds
for a moat born dry

Fractal image was created with Apophysis, resized and buttoned in Irfanview.

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poefusion said...

A nice continuation of your water theme/ poem the other day. Have a great day.

anthonynorth said...

An intriguing take on the horoscope. So very deep.

paisley said...

oh how i would have loved to have read the horoscope that inspired this poem.. such desolation....

Jeeves said...

Deep..very deep

magiceye said...


Geraldine said...

this really hit home for me Sue. wonderful writing, as usual.