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Thursday, November 08, 2007


My mother was gone
by this age I am,
she may have shared
are nowhere found,
there’s no track
to follow
no clues to see,
she didn’t go here,
it’s all new to me.

I write my life
by first-hand view
no warning words
no clearcut signs
an unmarked path.

I want to ask.

Digital Photo by Sue
Totally Optional Prompts
: evocative poetry
Still is an older poem but it brings back a house-full of memories.


Sherri B. said...

This evoked such powerful emotion in me...especially that last line. Heartwrenching and poignant...

Jo said...

The last line is a very strong conclusion to a most evocative piece. As usual, I'm in awe!

HL said...

Time to quit thinking a write - good work. Thx. I like the simple language.

wendy said...

Very Strong. But who to ask?? would be my feeling..you evoked this.


Pauline said...

made me miss my mother...

Whitesnake said...

Hit a nerve, very, very touching.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful and touching poem.

Linda Jacobs said...

I am blessed to still have my mom but I miss my dad every day. There is something about mothers, though...Your poem makes me want to call mine and start asking questions! thank you for this finely woven poem! ~Linda