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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Gold Fever

Poefusion offered these five words as a prompt: earth, deluge, fluvial, calm and inspissated. After a few dictionary peeks, I managed to eke out the following free verse.

in the calm days
pulled by a fortnight
of squalling deluge
earth gave up
fluvial treasures

inspissated bedrock
uncovered black sand
holding rugged nuggets
gold that outshone the sun
panners roiled the stream

Digital photo courtesy of Breanna Combs, Tacoma.

NaBloPoMo and Nanowrimo


Jo said...

Oh this is superb.......the best job with those tricky words. A lovely read!

paisley said...

this is so weird,, as i look here at this poem and the one preceding ,, both speaking about gold miners and the glint of gold,, in come context,, and i just this same hour used that in my nano novel... they say brilliant minds think alike!!!!!!

excellent use of the word,, they kicked my butt!!!!

poefusion said...

Your words are so beautiful. Wouldn't we all like to find some gold? You make poetry seem so easy. Keep up the good work.

Have a nice day.

Whitesnake said...

As always, brilliant!

little wing writer said...

loved it...