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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Retrograde Mercury
across the sun
triggers an Ichabod night

my trousers cuff at curling leaves
churned by corkscrew winds
pines try their taproots

one brave star dots the lonely dark
retreats behind boiling wings
sweeping black the sky

tomorrow the sun will rise
over the ides of night
and calm will claim the day


Q said...

I felt the chill of the wind.
Brr..glad for the coming calm and the sun.
Happy Thanksgiving.
I am grateful you share your exquisite talent.
Thank you,

Canary said...

Hey! loved reading your thoughts.. will drop by more often :)

Pip said...

I can really feel the season in your poem! Thanks for visiting my blog, and I will promise to return the favour more often in the future. Life is just so busy at the moment it's a real stretch just to publish work of my own ...

I'm very interested in your fractal art. My husband is a vj who uses fractals in his video performances. I will have to explore the programme you use a little!