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Friday, November 02, 2007

Gilt of Gold

ancient bedrock rich
heaps a swirling pan
nuggets snuggle out of sight
debris spills across the lip
renews ripples in the creek
treasured gold twinkles

awakens timeworn sin
and lacy webs of guilt
from faults of my mind

All that Glitters,
Original Watercolor

Sunday Scribblings prompt: Money


Anonymous said...

I like the connection between gold and sin. Very nice painting as well, it would look good on my wall.



Jo said...

This paints my mind wonderfully....

Cherie said...

Wonderful, a stunning painting and words ;~)

rel said...

I like the way you see the world so succunctly. We look, we find and we misuse our finds. Neat. ;)

paisley said...

i felt myself being drawn into the saloon/brothels of the old gold mining towns of the once wild west.. excellent work....

Anonymous said...

I like what Rose said. Great painting, great words!

Lucy said...

lovely poem and painting :)

Crafty Green Poet said...

I like how it all hangs on the word 'faults'

Anonymous said...

The word 'faults' stuck in my mind, too. Very succinctly written.

January said...

Very nice poem and painting.

Robin said...

I love the phrase lacy webs of guilt. It's wonderfully evocative.

Anonymous said...

They are both superb!!!

wendy said...

We are very much kindred on this subject.

Very tight poem.

awareness said...

i too like the line lacy webs of guilt

a double entendre too. :)

wonderful poem which captures a unique take on the prompt this week.

I always enjoy reading your pieces.

take care.

Anonymous said...

"guilt.. from faults of my mind"

I related, big time!