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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Night Sky

cigarette smoke curls

on the black night

etching white lines

like dim serpentine braids

flung from distant Medusa

~~he squints into the telescope

for that single eye sight

afforded only by a desert sky

Fractal created in Apophysis

3 Word Wednesday Prompt words: cigarette, afford, dim


Anonymous said...

Very evocative. Can truly picture it

TC said...

Very descriptive. Makes me think of an opening scene of a movie.

Anonymous said...

I love this! You have a wonderful way with words.

Jujee said...

Particularly liked the "dim serpentine braids flung from distant Medusa" - superb

Beau Brackish said...

Your economy of words always amazes me. I love the visual of smoke curls turning into braids of Medusa's hair in night sky. It reminds me of my times star gazing in the Montana sky. Your vivid words form comforting and familiar images to me.

Jo said...

This is glorious, you have such a gift for painting (with words and a brush).......and I love that we both happened on the perfect word for smoke (serpentine))!

Jo said...

Yes, I love it when there is synchronicity (especially when it's with a poet as good as you), it convinces me I picked the perfect word!!!

Linda Jacobs said...

I like how the smoking isn't the focus of the poem even though it's described wonderfully.

Anonymous said...

I loved that he was looking through a telescope that was a great use for the words!!!

Sandy said...

Fantastic, Tumblewords...I loved it!

gautami tripathy said...

"etching white lines
like dim serpentine braids
flung from distant Medusa"

That is a great imagery. I always liked Medusa.

Bone said...

I agree with the previous comments. Evocative is a great word to describe this piece. I don't know how you manage to set a scene so cleary and descriptively in such few words.

poefusion said...

Perfection is what I call this poem. I simply loved these words 'etching white lines

like dim serpentine braids

flung from distant Medusa' You draw your readers into this creative world effortlessly. Keep up the good work.

Bun Bun said...

poignant. colorful. thank you.