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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ocean Froth

wild waves
mortar and pestle
pound for pound
converting stones
and shells
to golden sand

with artistic chic
saltine sprays
designer glaze
on sunglasses
spreads glitter
on driftless wood

Original Watercolor, Shells and Bones

Prompt from ThreeWordWednesday

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SuseADoodle said...

1) Love the poem
2) Love your list of transitions from summer's last gasp -- sounds like a great week1
3) Awesome watercolor.

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a lovely poem - makes me want to head down to the beach! (I live very close to the Pacific, but don't go visit the ocean nearly often enough.) And the watercolor is gorgeous, too.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty imagery
Going to the beach on Saturday--makes me wish I were there now

paisley said...

that was so nice.. so ... i know this sounds corny... but poetic... it just really flowed.....

poefusion said...

You are quickly becoming another favorite of mine to visit because you are so gifted. You put words on the page from your heart and the watercolor is beautiful, as always. Thanks for sharing.

Good night

Shelby said...

Your words ARE from your heart. Beautiful. Simply. The best kind.

Anonymous said...

Heartfelt. Very good use of the words.

Gay said...

I can sum your work up with one word: evocative.

Rambler said...

I loved the flow in the poem

TC said...

Oh I want to go to the beach now!!!

(Yes, I'm aware of how original of a comment that was...)

Bone said...

Welcome to 3 Word Wednesday :)

You really put me at the beach, hearing the waves, getting salt all over my skin.