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Friday, September 07, 2007


She pulls the plug
on dying snapdragons
pansies long since gone.

Summer, long and hot,
created the first casualties
conquered the immature

filched the feeble garden
from this brown-thumbed
sower of impatience.

She cannot wait for the end,
the watering can
holds nothing but dust.

Digital photo converted to black-and-white

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Annie Jeffries said...

This could be my garden. I'm a total brown thumb and a devoted green thumb wannabe.

I was so happy to see your comment at my poem today. It's gratifying to hear from someone who has actually been to a border town and recognizes it through my words. Thanks so much.

Q said...

Dear Sue,
I am waiting for frost....
My thumbs are green but I am tired.

Pauline said...

love the title - your accompanying photos always say as much as your poems so we get a double treat

Anonymous said...

That made me sad..somehow!