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Thursday, September 20, 2007


One haiku and one fibonacci for Traveling Thursday prompt: Uncorked

backed up her old brain
with black font and dead tree cells
before the drive failed

from old gray graphite
but misses nibbling erasers

One White Petal, watercolor
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Anonymous said...

Such clever word play.
Wish I'd written it.
Waving at you from New York,

Rambler said...

I liked the fibonacci one a lot, real good use of words

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Very clever word play but who is she? I love your work and your blog.


Jo said...

Both are great (especially 'before the drive failed')......and nibbling erasers, YUCK. I was a pencil chewer myself.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Both are wonderful.. my favorite line though is, " ... but misses nibbling erasers". Perfect.

Deb said...

You captured a writer's real fear so neatly (the migration from old to new technology and its pitfalls).

I like both a great deal, but loved the last line "but misses nibbling erasers".

PS--thanks for your thoughts about my "The Gift"...it's prompted some questions that I'd love to ask you sometime. Not soon :-) but sometime. Would you mind?

paisley said...

the pleasures of youth,, the beginnings of words.. neither are ever forgotten....

Anonymous said...

How lovely is your words


Odessa said...

I too love the fibonacci one. Especially the part about nibbling erasers.

Boricua in Texas said...

I loved the first one.

ANA said...

very well written...I'm linking you on my links list for later stalking :)

Steve said...

I like playing with words.

Anonymous said...

These are great! I know what you mean about "backed up her old brain." I can't remember anything. :-)

Maithri said...

What beautiful poetry! Love your blog, A great creative soul lives on these pages, a pleasure to visit,

In love and light,


wendy said...

There was atime I thought I would never be able to create at a keyboad..for much the same reason. But now a pencil seems foriegn..or is it that it is more intimidating..for it is my skrall forming my thoughts...and on paper. which is permanent..instead of air or ether..which is not.

Great. Really superb!