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Friday, September 07, 2007

Restless Friday

Pacing, with coffee cup in hand, I wanted a new project. A short one.

Photo Story is a free program from Microsoft and I'd used it for several small videos for the four-year-old. It's quick, easy to do. And, Blogger recently began accepting videos for posts. Hmm. Right up my alley for the next part of this morning.

Hummingbirds. That's how I feel. Quick, restless, ready for migration. Like sugar overload. I opened the program and selected several photos and a slice of Amadeus for background.

Here is the result. If you're on dial-up, like I am, this may take a minute to load. I think the next one I make will be better.

North of Summer, a Decade of Poetry, is available on Lulu Publishing.


Anonymous said...

I loved it..so sweet


Q said...

Dear Sue,
That was so very fun!!!
I must learn how to do this.
You are an inspiration.
Thank you!
My goodness...
I think I will watch this again.
Fun and joyful,