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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Poem for RWP #103

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The Pomegranate

crimson drops of blood
pods like jelly in a jar
color of the first chakra
sweet perfume of summer

silky bits wait inside
the rind of tough hide
until she yearns to feed
her pining soul in times

of winter's cold and white
and with a tiny seed pod
she re-creates the heat
of summer in a jelly jar

Fractal image created in Fractal Explorer, recolored and resized in Irfanview.



anthonynorth said...

Loved the way you handled this. Tasty.

Paul Oakley said...

I like the idea of preserves, jelly in a jar the color of the first chakra, the chakra linked to survival instincts and the ability to ground oneself in the physical world. Particularly ironic with the overtones of Persephone, who wasn't so successful in either area.

Nice images.

Roger Owen Green said...

1st and only time I had the fruit. Summer 1977, Queens, NY. Tasty but a LOT of work!

Zouxzoux said...

"crimson drops of blood
pods like jelly in a jar"

Perfect! You describe the seeds perfectly. I really like the soulful quality in this.

Francis Scudellari said...

I like how it circles back to the jelly jar. Very tactile images. I could see the fruit laying in front of me as I read this.

Irene said...

Yes I too like 'she recreates the heat of summer in a jelly jar'..

Jeeves said...

As usual wonderful read

Unknown said...

The pomegranate is a fruit of contrasts and so is your poem. You have taken the image of the round fruit and made it square. You have the silky bits and the tough hide, summer and winter, cold and hot, red and white. I like how these contrasting images move the reader around the poem. Your words tumble beautifully. thank you for crafting and sharing this.

Rethabile said...

So far I've found that all the participants have images common to all, but one or two personal ones that nobody else has used. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

There's some pomegranate jelly in my cupboard right now, and this makes me want to go grab a spoon and just imbibe the whole jar. ;)

Julie Jordan Scott said...

so divinely feminine, the pomegranate. So enjoyed the imagery.

Anonymous said...

I really like the tangible, zesty details you describe in this, and the last two lines are wonderful because of their exquisite concentration, how they miniaturize and humanize nature.

rallentanda said...

Sorry I'm so late.I was having a problem getting on here before.
As always this is such a delicate little poem.A spider thread moving lightly in the breeze.

James said...

I love those last two lines. Beautiful the way they echo lines earlier ini the poem.

Deb said...

You captured the sweetness of pomegranates in winter!