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Monday, December 28, 2009

Haiku for One Single Impression

One Single Impression: Prompt 96: Wanderlust  Thanks to Tammie Lee of Spirit Helpers for this week's prompt!

ridge ahead
hides golden treasure
racing on

seeking    exploring
high, low, near and far
novel sights

at the end
first site of the heart
welcome home

The image is a digital photo of a shadow on a DVD disc, altered on Bamboo Fun with Adobe Photoshop Elements, buttoned, resized in Irfanview.
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Quiet Paths said...

There is no feeling like that of returning home to fuel the wanderlust in me! Great post, Sue and Happy New year!

mark said...

I have heard it said that the best part of going away is coming home.

You summed that up so well.

anthonynorth said...

Oh yes, coming home is always good.

keiths ramblings said...

A nice way to end the year!

zoya gautam said...

.. how well u tumble with words & images -

if possible, please post a parallel image of this illustration with less color and more greys , dim whites ,& a bit of black .. if possible ie ..

as u kept on through the year , this haiku too is like a soft gentle breeze

& to u & yours A Happy 2010 ! ..

lissa said...

I like the one last one the best - it just sounds like such a happy thought

Jeeves said...

Last one is my favourite

Jim said...

Even the Prodical Son came home eventually. Good thoughts, Sue.
I would call your pretty art work Whirl which is the basic idea of a swirl.

Beth P. said...

Hi Tumblewords--
Enjoyed these individually...and as a triptych...it's all a big circle, or spiral as your art would maintain! There's no where to go but home.

Thank you!

Tammie Lee said...

I enjoyed each poem, they made my heart purr. Your art is wild and lovely to see.

totomai said...

as always interesting kus. liked the 2nd ku but enjoyed the 3rd one. it can be read from the 3rd line first :D

Loch Rob said...

Home for the holidays with family. Home after adventuresome travels. Such a warm feeling.

zoya gautam said...

.. having checked the b&w version ,i like this much better ..

Shadowplay said...

Loved this! I am quickly becoming a fan of haiku (when it is done well) and this piece just sings. Wonderful imagery here.

gabrielle said...

Nothing like the hearth fires, warming weary bones after long journey. Lovely sense of falling into the last one.

Patti said...

Love those! And the one about returning home...my favorite!!! Happy New Year!!!