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Friday, December 11, 2009

Decorating by Drill

This YouTube presentation looks like more fun than hanging stockings! I haven't tried it but doubt I'll make it through the season without giving it a spin. On the other hand, I envision what could go wrong, so maybe this will go into my Spectator Crafts file.

In the past, I decorated clear Christmas bulbs by dribbling glass paint inside the bulb and rotating it until the colors interacted to make an abstract 'watercolor' painting. That's an easy project and produces original bulbs each time. No power involved there and very little risk to limbs.

Then again, using the camera to capture reflections indoors during the frigid temperature outside seems the least risky of all. See the newest one here on my Art Blog.



Dave King said...

s knows what our local Health and Safety Office would have to say about that!

Bradley Hsi said...

I check out the Reflections, the image is amazing; I could not believe that your found the difference of rainbow colors caused by CD and DVD.