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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Z for ABC Wednesday

ABC Wednesday completes Round 4 with Z. Thank you!

Looking forward to Round 5...

Zebra Scar

Wild words skid
amid lucky bamboo
call the cry of scars
paddle down the moon

bereft of useful mojo
sundry recent dead
sidestep history's debt.

One mad zebra
kicks a bird of paradise,
swears the past was true.

Original watercolor sketch by Sue.



Clara said...

You're so talented! The zebra sketch is wonderful.

anthonynorth said...

Great words, and that Zebra is supurb.

poefusion said...

Now I see the zebra too. It's perfect like your words. I especially like paddle down the moon. Have a great night.

Regina said...

Nice words and sketch.


venuss66 said...

Beautiful! Both the words and the sketch. Wonderful colours. Very soothing.

Mara said...

What a lovely watercolour! I wish I was as talented

jay said...

One mad zebra? Aren't they all mad? LOL!

Nice sketch!

Miss_Yves said...

EXquisite watercolour !
Japanese style !
Thanks for visiting my blog-in spite of the lack of translation .

Q said...

What a wonderful way to end round 4! I love this poem and the watercolor! You are an amazing lady! Looking forward to round 5 too.
Thank you again for inviting to play. My husband enjoys ABC Wednesday as much as I do.