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Monday, July 27, 2009

Naisaiku for Heads or Tails

Barb at Skittles Place, owner of Heads or Tails , offers this prompt: Tell how you think you or your life will be different in five years. Will it be better or worse? Why will it change?

In Five Years?

one-half a decade
swinging on a fragile string
future lays in wait
a yo-yo in a child's hand
future lays in wait
swinging on a fragile string
one-half a decade

Either of these links will take you to a page explaining this fun form...


Image is a watercolor/pen and ink bookmark.



Ziggy Stardust said...

Thats beautiful.


i beati said...

love it loved it loved it sandy

anthonynorth said...

Nice touch on youth in this. Excellent.

Karen said...

That is a beautiful poem. You might be close to my age. ?

Le Butterfly said...

Well stated. love your art.

poefusion said...

a child's yo yo takes me back. i haven't seen one in ages. there's parts of my life i'd like to go back to sometimes but overall i'm happy being here. your art is great as always.

Marc Latham said...

All nice stuff

Janet Jarrell said...

Always enjoy your poetry - nice young image.

Lucy said...

the comparison to the yo yo was so perfect!