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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wear oh Where for Heads or Tails

Barb at Skittles, Heads or Tales, offers wear and where as the prompt.

she wears old wrinkles
red circle cheeks and square clothes
eyes the future, stays
stuck in the where and now
avoids the future,
red circle cheeks and square clothes
she wears old wrinkles

Naisaiku poem and digital photo by Sue.



anthonynorth said...

A most original take, using both versions of the prompt.

Karen said...

Sounds like she likes where she is at.

Autumn said...

Great poem!

Berni said...

I can relate to this unfortunately. Thanks for visiting my Heads or Tails

Geraldine said...

I think Ive seen "her" many, many times. Nice one Sue!

andy said...

Yeah, love the word play and the image of 'she wears old wrinkles'.

Janet Jarrell said...

Very clever - 'stuck in the where and now' - ideal!