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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Second Wind

early spring fervor
welcomes the winter weary
bearing gravity chilled bones,

nuance crosses the heart of hope
and bends the sword of fear
to release seeds of bittersweet

into the dawning air while
prickly thorns of a rose
struggle to defeat its scent

and in turmoil of change
man renews his faith
gains his second wind

Another Bamboo Fun, computer generated watercolor.

Hope, Gravity, Nuance are the prompt words posted by Three Word Wednesday...Follow the link to read and play along -


Thom Gabrukiewicz said...

"...release seeds of bittersweet." that's a great line. I liked the simplicity of this, but the power, too.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I really enjoy your poetry.

vinny said...

every line is beautiful..thoughtful rather

Anonymous said...

your words tell so many stories..

Angie C. said...

That speaks volumes to me! "welcomes the winter weary" Yes I gain my second wind as spring bears her head.

J. S. Clawson said...

When winter comes early, it makes me believe that maybe spring will come early too! A lovely poem, thanks for sharing it with us. :-)

Quiet Paths said...

That second verse is wonderful; wish I'd thought of it!

TC said...

Did you do the watercolor?!?! Wow!

and in turmoil of change
man renews his faith
gains his second wind

LOVE that! Really reminds you that out of the bad often comes the good.

Anonymous said...

nicely done, i especially like "nuance crosses the heart of hope."

Looks like you're keeping hope alive.

Gemma Wiseman said...

So many nuances of thought here that tantalise and stir second reflections! Beautiful!

gautami tripathy said...

Like the poem..

heart of hope..good one!

nameless nuances