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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bring It On

autumn boils
the shifting soil
opens wide
all that was
a gray X-ray
with failure
autumn roils
presents the past
in smoldered ash
her eyes slam shut
comforter masks her nose
visions of might-have-beens
recant bold cry of bring-it-on

Watercolor by Sue

Totally Optional Prompt for today: write a poem that creates expectations. Feel free to read what others wrote and to play along with this Thursday Meme.


Linda Jacobs said...

Love the gray x-ray full of tumors and failure! What a metaphor!

anthonynorth said...

Another storm of stark images. You use words expertly.

Geraldine said...

This was so unique and intriguing to read Sue. Loved the line re: comforter. Also, another glorious watercolor. Such talent!


Anonymous said...

It seems like death is all we can expect as we meditate upon our expectations. I'm not sure where you were heading here but I felt like six feet under...

Bring it on - dead good!

Quiet Paths said...

Bring it on indeed. Wow, I'll have to come and read this twice more because I catch something new each time. I LOVE the watercolor.

Stan Ski said...

The cry of someone who's done it all - or who's tried and failed.

Anonymous said...

"Bring-it-on", was that the cry of inexperience and/or arrogance?

Anonymous said...

Amalgamation of science and nature!

illuminated fear susurrates

Anonymous said...

I love the autumn boils/autumn roils transformation.

I'm impressed that you have over 25,000 words for your novel already. Go you!