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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


brushed gummy cobwebs
from her face with a shiver,

held her eyes tight squeezed
against the blinding black

hearing stairs she knew by heart
a creak, a groan and the silent one

nadir of a place called home
at last pulled the light string

squinting, picked up the shuttle
and filled her bucket with coal

And that's one for Last Piaster #2 Challenge.


paisley said...

that was lovely.. i do so wish this meme would catch on,, there are so many excellent possibilities in the prompts....

susan said...

sounds like we had similar experiences.

Plain Foolish said...

The familiarity of the stairs makes the fearfulness here even more acute. *shivers*

SA said...

I really like the ending it puts a strong image in my mind.


SA said...

I really like the ending brought a strong image to mind.


Deb said...

Loved the idea of squinting against blinding black - well done. I've nothing to critque!

Deb said...

PS - If you need/want yet one more prompt site see Read Write Poem at http://readwritepoem.org/ ...there are prompts and other ideas & thoughts there, too. :-)

Giggles said...

Poor little thing! I only wish the gummy cobwebs had been gummy bears! This gave me chills! Very vivid!

Hugs Sherrie