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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Once Across the Styx

Charon tapped out the coin
capping my closed left eye
carried me on a night-dark tour
into a silent octave of days,
come the ninth
he ferried me home
refunded the golden fare.

I don’t rock the boat.
pebbles in my pockets
and payment in my palm.

Writers Island Prompt: Fork in the Road


Mandy said...

pebble in hand
and a marvellous fractal

Mary Timme said...

I love the poem and the picture of the fractuals! They are always so. . . does lively do it?

Anonymous said...

simply brilliant...i am lost for words. Lovely!

Beau Brackish said...

I'd give a pocket full of gold coins to sit contently in the boat and let it gently sway me, releasing the urge to relentlessly rock back and forth. To know such contentment would be priceless.

Anonymous said...

I'm a total sucker for mythological references, and enjoyed your journey. Thanks.

Constance Brewer said...

Ohh, I like this! Love the line "Today.
I don’t rock the boat."

It has lots of implications. :) Also love the use of mythology. Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

oh this is so well done, so deep.

Marja said...

Absolutely stunningly beautiful!!

lissa said...

lovely imaginary

Anonymous said...

As Charon is the ferryman to Hades, it's interesting that the narrator is paying to go there and is returned on the ninth after 'an octave of days' (lovely phrase. This told such a story and I'm into these Greek myths too. beautiful fractal!

Keith's Ramblings said...

I always find myself lost for words when it comes to commenting on your wonderful pieces. This time I was particularly struck by
'a silent octave of days'. Nice one!

aMus said...

nice imagery left me speechless!!

*silent octave of days*...that was excellent!

Anonymous said...

Your use of phrases make me speechless!

Crafty Green Poet said...

I love the shape of this poem as well as everything else

Anonymous said...

No more rocking that boat - isn't it the best? Wonderful poem!

Lucy said...

tumble words.. your words just take the reader on journey! Thank you! ( i needed to get out of the house!)

rebecca said...

your written word is so incredibly beautiful....thank you for another lovely, inspiring post.